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We are committed to continually outperform our Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and seek to conduct sales, servicing and printing of related packaging materials in such a way as to avoid harm, injuries and accidents to our Employees and Communities where we operate. Our ultimate objectives are to achieve zero accidents in the workplace and eliminate any source of risk.

As an integral part of business and philosophy, we are committed to:

  • Comply with requirements defined in applicable local safety and health laws and requirements.

  • Set, encourage and maintain a safe standard of behavior and seek continual improvement by regular reviews of performance.

  • Ensure that a system of identifying, assessing and adequately controlling safety and health risks is established and maintained.

  • Encourage employees’ participation and contribution to the establishment and,

  • Observance of safe working practices and PPE regulation adherence as per our SHE Handbook.

  • Ensure that employees are continually and adequately trained, instructed and supervised in their duties.

  • In the safe use of equipment and materials as per our SHE Handbook.

  • Provide adequate resources and qualified personnel to advise on safety and health matters.

  • Regularly review on procedures and plans for conformation with this policy.

  • Apply the principle that all occupational illness,

  • Injuries and accidents are preventable by achieving high standards of safety awareness and,

  • Individual accountability throughout the workforce by reporting of near misses.

  • Regularly conduct audits on all our business activities to maintain and improve all applicable safety and health requirements.

  • It is our responsibility for participating and cultivating a strong occupational safety and health culture with additional emphasis on continual improvement and total engagement with supply chain and business partners. 

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