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We are committed to outperform our Environment Management System (EMS) and seek to conduct sales, servicing and printing of related packaging materials in such a way as to preserve the earth’s environment. Our ultimate objectives are to participate in green environment and eliminate any source of creating non-environment friendly waste.

As an integral part of business and philosophy, we are committed to:

  • Comply with requirements defined in applicable Environmental laws and regulations.

  • Set, encourage and maintain an acceptable standard of behavior and seek continual improvement by regular reviews on scheduled waste generation.

  • Ensure that a system of identifying, assessing and controlling scheduled waste is established and maintained.

  • Encourage employees’ participation and contribution to the activities related to environment preservation.

  • Ensure that employees are continually and adequately trained, instructed and supervised in their duties as per SHE Handbook.

  • Provide adequate resources and qualified personnel to advise on environmental matters.

  • Regularly review on procedures and plans for conformation with this policy.

  • Develop strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle scheduled wastes.

  • Eliminate generation of non-environmental friendly waste.

  • Allow only the appointed licensed waste contractor with Department Of Environment (DOE) to handle scheduled wastes for reliable handling and disposal.

  • Conduct regular audits of our operations to maintain and improve all applicable environmental requirements and objectives.

  • Ensure regular monitoring and review on our environmental activities.

It is our responsibility for participating and cultivating a strong environment conservation culture with additional emphasis on continual improvement and total engagement with supply chain and business partners.

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