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Our Business

Tien Wah Press Holdings Berhad ("the Group") produces mainly gravure and offset printed materials for tobacco packaging (including cigarette packs), fast moving consumer product packaging and labels. Being a regional print supplier, we have the advantages of large production capacity and the flexibility of multi-location printing capabilities. In combination with the Specialty Papers Division owned by our ultimate shareholder, New Toyo International Holdings Limited, the Group is able to offer a more complete packaging solution to its customers, particularly from tobacco industry and other Fast Moving Consumer Goods segments.

Industries and Markets

TWPH Group supplies printed cartons and labels to customers in the tobacco industry, and other fast moving consumer goods industries. From its operating facilities in Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia, the Group serves local and multinational companies in the Asian and Middle East regions.


Printing Capabilities

The Group operates four plants in Malaysia, Vietnam (two plants) and Australia. Printing quality products safety at high speed is a key objective of all of the Group’s printing facilities. The Group values the importance of packaging for fast moving consumer goods, especially for international brands. As such, the facilities are well-equipped with cutting edge printing technology to provide customers with superior and visually appealing printed materials in an efficient manner.

Portfolio of Products include:

  • Flat unglued blanks

  • Crash bottom or autolock cartons

  • Labelled cartons

  • Cartons with peelable labels/ stickers

  • Clamshells and trays

  • UV coated cartons

  • Glued skillet cartons

  • Multi wall cartons comprising innerframers

  • Carton with CD inserts

  • Barrier coated carton for grease/ moisture resistance

Processes include:

  • Gravure and litho print capability

  • Embossing/ debossing

  • Diecutting

  • Sample and mockup production for EAN verification

  • Computer to plate imaging

  • In house knife making and maintenance

  • Mock recovery and contingency planning scenarios

  • UV and aqueous coatings

  • Metallic inks, pearlescent inks and other specialty inks

  • Packaging design and development

  • Art manipulation and general prepress

  • Onsite plate production

  • Blanking of flat unglued blanks

  • Machinery and systems support

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