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Tobacco packaging serves as a critical link between the tobacco product manufacturers and the consumers. The brand imagery of the packaging is the  key to the customers’ brand identity within this competitive market and high quality prints are critical to mitigating counterfeit products. Tobacco companies have been evolving their business strategies and the use of new technologies for product innovation, including packaging to remain competitive. As the Group’s customers are mainly tobacco companies, its performance is thus closely correlated with the performance of the tobacco customers and the tobacco industry in general.


The recent trends towards imposing plain packaging  on tobacco  products and the inception of ”Reduced Risk Products” into the markets have undoubtedly upend the business environment and create deep sense of unease among companies within tobacco industry.


In pursuit of our vision to be the “Winning Company”, we have to be adaptive and agile in this demanding and challenging landscape, continually discover opportunities to integrate sustainability into the core of our ethos and visions, i.e. maintaining profitability and productivity, including via total quality management and teamwork, in the face of reality – in making tough business decisions, including the change of operational footprints.


Our sustainability initiatives are governed by the Group Sustainability Policy which demonstrates our commitment in the areas of economic, environmental and social. Key objectives of the Policy are summarised below:-


  • dedicated to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and place emphasis   on developing and empowering them;


  • support and encourage community development in the Group;


  • committed to identify, manage and minimise the environmental impact of our business operations, whilst complying with the environmental regulatory and legal requirements;


  • recognise the importance of governance sustainability and incorporate it into all functions and processes of our business. This includes continuous improvement and monitoring of the impacts that we have created.

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